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Empowering the Mind and Body
Chronic Pain and Fatigue Coaching Indiana

Coaching that offers a compassionate approach to help you cure your symptoms, feel your best, and truly thrive!

Scientifically-proven methods that are helping thousands!

Coaching for chronic fatigue,
chronic pain, and other mind body symptoms

Lauren Helder a Registered Nurse helping people navigate chronic fatigue & pain

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'm here sharing my personal battle with chronic fatigue and how I recovered using the science of neuroplasticity. 

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There are millions of people living with chronic fatigue and pain today who feel stuck and hopeless.  I watched my mother go through her own tiresome battle with chronic pain and then a decade later found myself in a similar battle.  I know how hopeless you can feel when no one seems to know what is wrong with you.  I know how it feels to try treatment after treatment, all to no avail.  I want to help others learn the techniques that gave me my life back, which I am forever grateful for!

If you've been searching for answers, only to be disappointed, there is hope. You are not alone.  I offer virtual coaching for chronic fatigue & pain coaching as well as many other chronic symptoms like anxiety, depression, IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. Coaching offers you the highest chance of success in getting symptom free. It allows you to get a personalized and tailored plan that meets your specific needs.  I help my clients identify why their symptoms started, what's keeping them going, and give them a targeted and easy to understand approach to getting rid of their symptoms. Then I walk along side of them as they learn to put these techniques into practice. 

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The fight, flight or freeze (F,F,F) response is a physiological reaction that occurs in the brain and nervous system in response to a perceived danger or threat to our survival. When fight, flight, or freeze is activated, a flood of stress hormones are released causing your heart rate and breathing to increase, your pupils to dilate, and blood flow to increase to the muscles. The stress hormone cortisol turns off functions like our digestive, immune, healing and repair systems. These states are protective mechanisms triggered by the UNCONSCIOUS to keep us safe. They help keep us alive and are very important responses to have when we're in danger.  If we are being attacked, we can either fight or flee. If the danger is too great, an even deeper survival response activates- the freeze response. The freeze response causes us to tense up, dissociate (disconnect), to become numb, and shutdown.  These responses are SHORT term survival responses that we are not meant to stay in long term. 

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Pain is a danger signal.  If we get bitten by a dog, our brain creates pain so that we jump back from the dog.  Likewise, other symptoms are danger signals as well.  Fatigue is a signal from the brain telling you your body needs rest. When our F,F,F response is chronically activated the brain may send these danger signals too often. These symptoms are 100% real but they are caused by the unconscious mind, in order to protect us. There is nothing physically wrong with our body.  The problem exists in the brain. The good news is we can teach our brain how to stop sending these signals.

Some personality traits can lead to chronic symptoms. People with these traits can develop neuroplastic symptoms without necessarily having a history of trauma. Some of these traits include:

  • Those who put high amounts of  pressure on themselves

  • The "goodist", those with a strong desire to always do what is right

  •  The perfectionistic person

  •  The self-critical person

  • People pleasers

  • Worriers

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How Can Stress Lead To Physical Symptoms?

Chronic stress, trauma, multiple ACE's (adverse childhood events), viral or bacterial illnesses, injuries, and certain personality traits can keep us in fight, flight, or freeze for too long. If you grow up with an abusive parent, your brain will keep you in these states in order to keep you always on the lookout for danger. When we stay in one of these states for hours/days/months/years, the sympathetic nervous system gets used to being activated.  It becomes more sensitive and can perceive safe things as dangerous.  

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The autonomic nervous system is composed of 2 systems: sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathic (rest and digest). We need to rewire the brain by bringing our nervous system out of F,F,F and back into a state of rest and digest.

We often develop these personality traits after experiencing stressful events in our life. The traits protect us from future stress but also keep us on high alert.  For example, an overly critical mother may inadvertently cause the child to put high amounts of pressure on themselves to get good grades. That pressure keeps the child in a high alert, sympathetic (fight or flight) state, and symptoms may eventually show up. The symptoms are a protective message from the body that something needs to change.

There are no quick fixes, but there is REAL hope. 


About Lauren

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Lauren is a Registered Nurse of 14 years. She is certified in Pain Reprocessing Theory and is a Heart Math Trauma Sensitive Clinician. She coaches people out chronic symptoms like fatigue, pain, GI upset, headaches, and other neuroplastic symptoms using the techniques she used in her own recovery from fatigue. She is extremely passionate about this work and helping others get back to living their best life, free of symptoms!

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